Monday, September 21, 2009

check one

Hi! I missed you! Thank you for being so patient this past weekend :) I hope you had a great one. Mine was amazing as well, beginning with the fact that I got a new camera, and so I was able to take pictures, thus allowing you to see me check off number one on my agenda... see the boy.
He is the absolute best... so wonderful in fact that on Friday, not only did I go visit him at his school, but I also brought him an Italian dinner :). My mom made eggplant parmesan, a sausage-tomato sauce and salad which were perfect to bring along and finish preparing with him.
He contributed about a half a pound of fettuccine of which I ate that small amount of. That boy can eat! It was delicious though and beyond nice to be able to cook and dine together.
After, we ended up driving back up to my house so that the super-smart-studying boyfriend could have a change of scenery ;). Oh, and I couldn't wait to actually sleep in my real bed. 'Twas nice.
Less than stellar, however, was my breakfast the next morning. There were no steel-cut nor rolled oats to be found in my humble abode so I settled on Maple & Brown Sugar Instant Oatmeal. Never making that mistake again, ew! Fortunately for him, he prefers savory morning meals and so he had a fluffy vegetable omelette with whole-wheat toast. The envy, I tell ya!
Then it was back down to the BX to do some moving and shaking  studying. He's moving in with a new friend of his into their "penthouse suite" aka a two-bedroom apartment on the top floor of the building :). It's lovely, freshly painted and so clean, with the most lovely views of three boroughs: the Bronx, Queens, and Manhattan.
I read while he prepared for his midterm... until hunger hit. That was when I had the most delicious bowl of soup, courtesy of Fitness! You can also find the "Souped Up" recipe in the October issue, along with two short articles of mine, (one in the Fit Life section and another in Eat Right News). Have I mentioned that seeing my name in print may very well be the coolest thing ever? :)

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