Tuesday, September 22, 2009

sweet lifesavers

Yesterday, I had a bad day :( one of those days when it seemed as though every little thing that could go wrong, did, and I was anything but happy about it. When I finally got home around five I really felt like crying, (also a result of me being so tired, but still.)
Walking through the door, however, I realized that my roommate was back with her boyfriend so I pulled myself together for some small talk. And within another 20 minutes, I grabbed an apple, and was out the door again. I went downtown, to the CNY Yoga Center. Although I usually prefer more active classes, (missing Bikram like none other) there was a Restorative class at 5:30 and I needed it.
I walked into the building, up the stairs, through the entrance, swiped my card for the first time, sat down on my mat, and sighed. It felt good. The class began with a short introduction and we were advised to, "let go of everything that is making us anxious, that is holding us back, that is upsetting us... choose an intention and hold on to it." Then, we went through the five long poses, and in just one hour, I felt restored. Seriously, people, I am not exaggerated! It was absolutely amazing. She had warned us that slowing down and moving so meditatively might be difficult for the first-timers, and it was at the beginning, but once I felt my mind and body just begin to melt,
there was that calm I had been searching for. I walked out of the studio with a huge smile on, one that only got bigger as I passed by the vegan restaurant downstairs. We get a 10% discount at Strong Hearts after each yoga class and I will be taking advantage of the deal come the weekend! I can't wait either :) I got pizza there a week and a half ago with two of my friends from Chile and it was just divine.
Last night, however, Carol fed me ;) she's our cook at the house. She made the most delicious lemon swordfish with sugar snap peas and a large salad (there's salad every day! I love it). I went to bed early last night and to another yoga class this morning, vinyasa for intermediate students this time. I have a weird feeling that today is going to be a lot better of  a day because of it.

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