Saturday, September 12, 2009

setting sail in the windy city

Good morning my dears. I hope you've been enjoying the past few days! I've been entertaining myself with a tour of the Irish festival downtown, watching a few films from Illuminating Oppression (the 7th Annual Human Rights Festival), and living the life of a sorority girl at a Mermaids & Pirates party ;) more about that later. Today, however, is about anything but my collegiate adventures. A while ago I asked you to help me with a Plates from Around the World series. Today, it begins with Caroline, the lovely blogger from the Broccoli Hut.
Chicago has always been one of my favorite places to visit. As a child I associated it with visits to my Nana's house, which always included plenty of sailing and picnicking around Lake Michigan. As I grew older, however, I grew to love the Windy City for more than just its nostalgic associations.
I became a vegetarian as a young teenager, and on one of my first visits to Chicago after my lifestyle change, my thoughtful aunt decided to take me to Blind Faith Cafe, an all-vegetarian restaurant in the Evanston area. As a girl from Alabama, I was astonished to find an entire menu of delicious dishes from which I could choose--this was a far cry from the typical iceberg and tomato offerings I was accustomed to finding in Southern restaurants. It was such a pleasure to dine in a place that was so welcoming to my meat-free lifestyle. I was able to see that a group of like-minded individuals did indeed exist; I no longer felt insecure about my health-conscious ways. Additionally, the time with my aunt was something to be treasured in that I had the opportunity to discuss life and chat about my teenage worries. Overall, just like the blueberry smoothie that I slurped throughout the meal, my experience was sweet and memorable.

Due to my pleasant experience there, I recently returned to Blind Faith Cafe, with a group of my fellow food bloggers.Once again, it was a fantastic meal, enjoyed amidst a backdrop of health and community.

Thank you Caroline, for that wonderful story! Is anyone from the Chicago area or has visited the city recently? Or perhaps you can relate to her gains made the transitional period from omnivore to vegetarian, maybe even vegan? If you'd like to participate in this Plates from Around the World series please send me a description favorite place, and your favorite foodie memory from there, along with a few photos of the place/food itself or those that were taken nearby. My email address is available on my profile. Thanks in advance! And on that note, I'll see you Monday my sweets, I'm off to my friend's lake house for a little TLC. Take care!

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