Tuesday, September 29, 2009

wake up and smell le café

Morning sweet peas... Happy National Coffee Day! I am actually sipping cup of home-brewed café as we speak, in honor of the holiday, you know ;). I usually have green tea in the morning and would love (in theory) to be a tea girl all the way, but as much as tea houses are lovely, coffee and coffee shops also hold a special place in my heart. I drink mine standardly full-bodied with a splash of milk. Do you drink café? Have a preference? Mmmm, I adore the aroma.
This past Sunday my sophomore year roommates and I planned to go down to the Apple Festival. Unfortunately,  J, had too much work and couldn't make it, but that didn't stop K and I from heading south and deeming our trip a date day. It rained. the. entire. time. How romantic ;) We each got a cup of energizing coffee to start of our day in the less than ideal weather.
On the bright side, Applefest wasn't at all crowded because of it. We were able to maneuver our easily through the applelicious stands and go in and out of the cute shops in downtown Ithaca.
We also bought a cup of hot spiced cider as mid-morning comfort. I am so happy to be enjoying the fall season finally! I really missed it last year.
Early afternoon we were feeling quite hungry, and slightly wet, so we ducked into this cute neighborhood restaurant. I was particularly fond of the local art they had displayed.
I had an avocado sandwich on whole-wheat with a side salad and she had a pesto chicken sandwich on Ithaca-baked bread with roasted mashed potatoes. We were both pleased with our choices and even more happy about the $15 bill. Gotta love a cheap date :).
Next, we ventured back out into the commons area for a little wine tasting. We tried a smooth Cab and heavy Merlot at the vineyard stand above (located in Alexandria Bay where I was a few weekends ago) and apple-infused wines at the one below. The Apple-Cranberry wine was great, K bought a bottle.
We also split a generous portion of hot apple crisp with ice cream. It was so beyond delicious and, because of my light lunch, I enjoyed it so thoroughly. We then went to the movies to get dry again :).
We passed by a beautiful waterfall on our way to the theatre along with a gorgeous lake, and trees with changing leaves. Ah, if only there really were 500 days of Summer (or Autumn).
I really enjoyed it and it was showing at the most perfect time too, by the time we got back into town, Moosewood was open for dinner. I was so, so, so unbelievably excited.
We each started our meal with a beer flight of local beers which actually ended up being a too much for us lightweight female individuals but we dealt with it ;). My favorite was the Pale Ale.
For my meal I ordered a delightfully fresh house salad and the Sicilian Stew.
Oh my gosh my dears, I know I say this often, but this was incredible! Chopped fall vegetables, fresh mozzarella, herb-infused polenta in a flavorful tomato and parsley base. I completely cleaned my plate.
My predictable date, K, ordered the spinach lasagna, and although she raved about it as well, did not even get close to finishing it. The poor thing is getting over the flu and has had a weird appetite.
Good thing they offered these adorable and ecologically-friendly take-home containers!
But in the end, with K being the way she is, and I being the way I am, we decided to order dessert anyway. We split the vegan chocolate cake and enjoyed it a la mode Moosetrack ice cream. Yum. What a sweet day with one of my best friends. I can't wait to venture down to Ithaca with her again.

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