Sunday, September 27, 2009

...ce soir?

..Ce Soir? I remember when the only French I knew was that of the Moulin Rouge song. Um, yeah. Anyway! Last night I said goodbye to two of my visiting friends from France (to clarify: they are American but study at universities different than mine). It was the oddest thing, I couldn't even take it too seriously because it felt like it was the way it should be, all of us together again and always, but I suppose that is a good thing... I can get rather emotional ;).
We went to the Strong Hearts café for dinner, which is where I took this rather blurry photo so you could get a glance at the menu :) It was a slow night there so we made our orders at sat at the large round table in the center, seemingly perfect for our group of five.
To start I had a cup of the soup of the day, a Pumpkin Curry that was scrumptiously creamy yet a tad under-spiced. I think it may have been the fact that some people can't handle heat, however, so I didn't judge too harshly ;) I loved it.
Then I had a pressed Roasted Vegetable Sandwich on pumpernickel bread which I was equally as enthusiastic about. I also just have a thing for roasted vegetables, fyi :). My friends enjoyed the a few BLTs, a grilled "cheese" with avocado, and a Martin Luther King (mocha "milk"shake).
Following some light conversation and eating, Liz made her way back up to the front to choose dessert, and she was up there for a while. There is quite the sweet vegan selection :)
She settled on a Mahalo bar, (mahalo = goodbye in Hawaiian); I didn't try it, but I heard good things. I think it is equally as important to add that she would have gotten a Chocolate-Pumpkin cupcake instead, but they were all out :(.
Afterwards we went home, got pretty, and dressed up for our formal-ish house party. There was both drinking and dancing involved although I predominately chose one over the other :). It was so much fun, like really great, and even more friends from Strasbourg joined us...  now would be the point where I get in the "I miss them already" sad phase. I can't wait until they return in November!
To avert my attention I would like to point out Liz's feathered headband that her roommate made. I think it's beautiful and I've decided that I must now visit Baltimore in order to buy one for myself :). Furthermore, I don't really have that much time to be sulking this morning: K and I are going to Ithaca for Applefest and to the Moosewood restaurant for dinner. It was supposed to be three of us, but J (my other former roommate) has too much work to do so we decided to have a date day :) ha, it will be fantastic. Too-da-loo!

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