Thursday, September 17, 2009

homeward bound

Why hello everyone! As I take a quick break from getting pretty (yes, I'm going out tonight, what a crazy college life I live... joking) I'd like to let everyone know my weekend plans. If you haven't already gotten it from the title :) I'm headed home and I am so excited. Being at school hasn't been the easiest little adventure as of yet but I am not retreating for that reason...
I have four things on my agenda:
(1) See the boy. He is studying for a midterm on Tuesday (med school, eek!) but we are going to be able to hang out Friday night and hopefully Sunday morning. Long-distance is no picnic but it does makes times like these that much more special, and exciting. I miss him so much, oooh can't wait!
(2) Celebrate my friend's 22nd birthday. Her name is Stephanie and she is amazing and she is a real person a.k.a. has a job and a steady income. She pledged my sorority with me but is a year older, so graduated last year :'(. She was also the first person I called when I got my future job offer which led to wine flights here.
(3) Wish my younger brother, a "Happy Birthday" on his actual birthday! It has been years since I've been around for it so this means a lot... probably more to me than it does to him ;) but whatever, he's turning 17. Plus, I'll see all my aunts, uncles, cousins, and my grandparents, always a treat.
(4) Attend my first Rosh Hashanah feast featuring good wine, challah, and honey (or so I hear.) Beyond the food :) I'm more than excited to be having dinner at my roommate's apartment. She is the lovely companion of whom I lunched with at the city establishments above.
And on that note, I just thought of a bonus number five! I'm looking forward to home-cooked meals and dining out at my favorite metropolitan hot spots. Who knows where my meals will take me :) what I will tell you is that I will most likely not be posting, although there is a Plate from Around the World written by a very special friend of mine that is scheduled to go up on Saturday. Hope your next few days are nothing short of wonderful.

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