Monday, September 14, 2009

ny state fair

Happy Monday my darlings! How was your weekend? As I mentioned before (in the first guest post, yay Caroline), I went to my roommate's river house at Alexandria Bay. It was absolutely beautiful and I will, no doubt, be sharing the sights and food soon, but as I went to recap I also realized that you had yet to hear about or see my last weekend at the NY State Fair. It was quite the interesting experience :). Here's a little historical background:

In 1841, the New York State Legislature appropriated $8,000 for the "promotion of agriculture and household manufacturers in the State" through an annual fair, the first of its kind in the young nation. The Village of Syracuse, the center of farming interests in New York as well as the central point on the Erie Canal and a way-station on the developing railroad lines from Albany, on the Hudson River in the east, to Buffalo, the State's western outpost, was selected for the two-day event.... Today, In accordance with the Fair's mission, outlined by its founders more than a century and a half ago, the agricultural community is first priority at the Empire Exposition Center. But the facility also offers the advantages of some of the most extensive exhibit space in the State for events of all kinds.
You'd think that living in New York all of my life and going to school up here I would've frequented it once or twice before, but no siree... it was my very first time. 

I was impressed with how well done the agricultural exhibits were. There was even an entire dairy building, with local dairy farmers, a milk bar, and the butter sculpture as you may have noticed in the beginning of the video. They showcased animals as well, which I didn't feel completely comfortable with the sheer magnitude of cages, but the chicks were especially adorable. Did your classes raise chicks as a youngster? As for the attractions and tents, most of them were just ridiculous; I no longer have any interest (in my old age) besides the classic ferris wheel ride. Scratch that, I could have gone for the pirate ship as well :) but we didn't want to wait on line for tickets. And finally, let's talk food. I know friends who went to the fair solely to enjoy some of the classic offerings: turkey legs, corn dogs, sausages, fried dough, fried oreos and other candy bars, french fries galore, candy apples, ice cream, etc. Unfortunately most fair fare (ha)  isn't my thing but I did enjoy a small cup of chocolate custard (deliciously creamy) and walked a lot. Oh and there was that free and amazing M.C. Hammer concert as well ;). 

Hope your week starts off wonderfully! Have you ever been to your state fair? How was it?

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