Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the end of an era

Sorry to have been MIA for a few days! Not only have I been running around like a mad woman- studying for final exams, closing accounts, returning Madeleine, purchasing Alsatian souvenirs- but I've been anxious the entire time while doing it. After a year of traveling and self-exploration am I really ready to go back to my routine life in the United States? And even if I am do I want to be? Eek, there I go again.

Last Friday was my study abroad program's farewell dinner. What a wonderfully emotional time that was :).

Everyone was getting together for photos, like this fantastic group of girls that I went to Barcelona with.

I'm going to miss my friends.

The meal began with a small piece of Quiche Lorraine and a salad.

This restaurant was amazing! Each bite was delicious and paired perfectly with my glass of Riesling.

I've gone into both of my study abroad experiences not knowing anyone and we've all come out of it as close as can be.

With dinner my friends and I split a bottle of Bordeaux.

It was a good choice for the duck, sauerkraut, and potatoes. Supposedly the duck, in particular, rocked... but as it turns out, duck is just not my thing. Oh well.

My fellow globetrotter, Genevieve: Chilean memories last a lifetime.

As for dessert we were served a raspberry compote with a scoop of Vanilla ice cream. I don't know what they did to this but it was incredible, the mint leaves were the perfect addition!
Then it was time for speeches (and tears). We officially sad goodbye to the music students, they're headed to Berlin and Vienna for the final part of their conservatory studies.

I wasn't able to get as close with each person as I'd like but I nonetheless wished them all the best of luck. They are so talented!

I took a lot of pictures that night. Candid shots, especially of the best of friends, are awesome :). Gosh, I'm going to miss my friends.

After leaving the restaurant we made our way to a nearby brasserie with the majority of students and a few professors, haha, what fun that was.

Following a few hours of drinking and final bonding my friends and I still weren't ready to go home so clearly, we rode our bikes to another bar. Here's Julia and Elizabeth racing past Strasbourg's cathedral.

No more drinking for me though, I was famished!

It could very well have been because of the fact that I hardly touched my duck at dinner. I had a Tarte aux oignons which I devoured, apart from the two slices I shared with my girls.

Then we played some pool, by this time it was about four in the morning. Was it even worth it to go to bed yet?

Not before a little pain au chocolat! On our walk home qwsmelled the fabulous bread and pastries being baked for Saturday morning and couldn't resist. One very generous boulangerie broke the rules to give us warm, out the oven, crispy, buttery, perfection.
And that was that, another great memory from Strasbourg that I'll cherish for the rest of my life. I'm such a sentimental sap, huh? :) Now before I get back to studying I present you with the birthday gift I baked for my host-sister this morning, Double Chocolate Crisp Cookies. We're having a small gathering at our house this evening to celebrate and I'm hoping everyone will appreciate the homemade dessert.

What a whirlwind of a trip. Hope you're having a very happy Tuesday, I'll be back at least once more before heading... home...

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