Wednesday, March 11, 2009

strasbourg, tu me manquais

Oooh, it feels so good to be "home." Spring break was, indescribable... but it's nice not to have to live out of a suitcase! You know that feeling of pure bliss, you feel so lucky and blessed and happy with your life and everything and everyone surrounding it? I hope you do! 'Cause that's how I felt basically the entire week and a half, and if you continue to read along for my multi-day recap I'm sure you'll understand.
I had a nice low-key night with the host family before we left on our separate ways. We started with the basic vegetable soup to which my host-mom added Japanese crackers to. I liked the crunch. I also like starting dinners with this warm bowl of veggie goodness, yum.
Then I had a small salad and some carrot sticks. Eating with your hands definitely makes raw veggies more fun.
And finally a leek and spinach quiche. It was delicious! Despite the small meal we sat for quite a while at the table discussing plans. My host-mom went on a cruise of the Caribbean with her best friend and my host-sister went to Madrid to visit friends.
The next morning I was up bright and early and ridiculously excited :). I left my apartment around 8:30 a.m. but not before having green tea,
and a sweet goodbye breakfast: un gauffre with jam and une crêpe, with an orange. And it's all up the glorious hill of multinational decadence from there! I'm not just talking food, people, (oh no, I obviously ate very well but gluttony is not my thing,) I'm talking enjoying life to the absolute fullest. You should try it, if you haven't already, it rocks my world ;). How much, you ask? Well, stay tuned tomorrow where I'll bring you back through my adventures across Europe in a trip I like to call DuBuFl (Dublin, Budapest, Florence). Bonne soirée!

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