Wednesday, January 28, 2009

le tour d'alsace

The Alsace region of France is located between the French Vosges Mountains, Germany, and Switzerland. With rich cultural traditions and eventful history, the region is a unique combination of it's French and German influences. It is famous for it's architecture, gastronomy, and Christmas markets... and last Sunday I got to see two of the three.
Our day began with a tour of one of the many châteaux of the region.

I seriously considered moving in ;).

But decided it would be more practical to go have lunch with the group.

We had a lovely salad and country bread to start.

Plus a bottle of Pinot Gris.


liked it,

as did I.

As for the main dish, most people had Wild Boar.

I tried it, it was alright, so... I had the Vegetarian option instead.

L'omelette aux Champignons with green beans, carrots, and fries

My favorite part was certainly dessert: Alsatian Apple Tart (distinct from other French desserts with the egg-cream filling)

Our incredibly satisfying lunch was followed by walking tours.

Nancy, France

Colmar, France

A Statue of Liberty replica

Dégustation de vins blancs

In only 8 hours I think I was able to get a pretty good taste (no pun intended) on what Alsace is all about :). Not to mention that living in Strasbourg, the center of the region, and seat of the European Parliament and Counsel of Europe, is probably the perfect place to experience it daily. Happy Humpday darlings, be back soon.

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