Monday, January 26, 2009

c'est tout

Happy Monday bloggies! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend... I know I did :) unfortunately it appears as though my new lifestyle has caught up with me and I'm coming down with something :(. Let's hope I can get myself well in time for Barcelona this coming weekend! Anywho, I am basically catching up with everything in this one post, aside from my Sunday outing, because I'm seriously stressed with how long my to-do list has become. I hope you enjoy all the pictures:

My neighborhood (Strasbourg, France)

The Sweets Table

The Salty Table

L'eposition d'art

Noteworthy daily breakfasts



Dinners from last night to President Obama Tuesday :)

Des ouefs et fenouil (fennel) broullés

Flam avec frommage

Tapas Espagnol


and the "WE'RE PROUD TO BE AMERICANS" celebration

Blogging [check]. Now for beginning my traveling seminar paper, booking Spring Break (Budapest & Croatia & Montenegro,) doing homework for the week, renting a bike, e-mailing a few friends, and preparing for the first day at my internship. To explain the last part a bit... I'll be assisting second- and first-grade teachers at the Strasbourg Bilingual School. Please wish me luck, I'll probably need it! See you tomorrow for "un dimanche en Alsace..." and the beginning of a much more simple, daily eats and adventures posting routine enfin!

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