Thursday, October 22, 2015

bonne journée

The last time I spent a day in Paris with absolutely nothing to do but enjoy, it was 2008. Seven years later I found myself with the same great fortune, with knowledge of the city's geography and the company of best friends. 'Twas so much more than "a good day".
{A croissant from Du Pain et Des Idées & coffee from Ten Belles on the Canal}
{"Elle s'appelait Jackie" and a brasserie lunch}
{Meandering through the old neighborhood}
{Happy hour at Cafe de l'Industrie}
{Dinner at Au Passage with Rachael & Lorelei}
{Red House nightcaps}
As you may have gathered from the lack of text above, there are few words to describe this day. It was coming home to people who love you for you and receiving a hug from the strange, beautiful place you've been forever molded by and that sigh. We ate and drank well, but it was the ease with which we wandered that I savored most. (Insert all the warm, fuzzy feelings and exuberant inspiration here). And so, I cried that night in Paris' warm embrace; one of those tipsy "let it all out" kind of cries, because life is more than pretty pictures with the most perfect light (that Paname has so gracefully mastered). Man, oh man... how I'd missed that light.


  1. Au Passage and Red House! Those were the most beautiful times.


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