Friday, May 17, 2013

la maison du chou

Chou is French for cabbage, or sweetheart, or perfect, little cream puff. This afternoon, the lovely Lauren and I met at La Maison du Chou to each enjoy three: chou nature, chou au café, chou au chocolat. 
The occasion: my spring semester is finally complet. Woohoo! With three final papers and an exam, this has been an awfully stressful week. (Case in point). The academic marathon is not over yet though, oh no...
  • May 22-25: Cultural Entrepreneurship, Gender and Leadership
  • May 24-27: The Hive, European Blog Conference (in Berlin!)
  • May 28-31: International Public Relations & Contemporary Media
  • June 3-22: Cultural Diversity and Globalization - Goods & Actors
I'm actually missing the last two days of the "Cultural Diversity and Globalization" summer course to fly home to New York, watch my little sister graduate high school (!), and then see a best friend get married (!). And so, I may just sleep the entire month of July. Kidding, of course. That's when my internship fully begins :). Thank you, "Lou" for such a sweet break in the midst of this crazy schedule!

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