Sunday, May 12, 2013

missing ma mère

I'm not always the best daughter. Sometimes I get snippy during our brief transatlantic phone calls (grad school stress); when I am home, I don't often spend as much quality time with her as she'd like (twenty-something selfishness); and last year, I flew to Colombia on the day that was meant to just for her.
According to some, "the holiday--which once served as a simple way to honor mothers--now conjures up images of crowded brunches, breakfast in bed, and sappy Hallmark cards." It doesn't to me though, not today. This Mother's Day reminds me of just how much I miss my mom and how grateful I am to have her as a role model--what with her sharp wit, sensitive resilience, and generous thoughtfulness. When I recently told her how scared I am at being 25, she responded: "You have nothing to worry about. Right now, your job is to enjoy life as much as you can." Thank you, Mom, for making that possible. I love and appreciate you, always.

[photo from August 2012, South Street Seaport]


  1. I wish all us daughters could be with our Mom's today. We'll see them soon though! Happy Mother's Day to your Mom!


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