Sunday, May 19, 2013

everything's coming up roses...

Every few days, I try to send a friend from home an email. They're hardly short and take a good deal of time to write, so I never expect an immediate response. You know how much I ramble :). Sometimes my friends do reply right away though. And when I'm having a tough week, it means more than they'll ever know:
"You inspire me, have I ever told you that? You always make an effort to see, do, and connect as much as possible, wherever you are, and it inspires me to do the same. Keep on keepin' on, I'm thinking of you!"
This morning, I awoke craving scones. I was also mildly hungover after celebrating at Edna's fabulous birthday bash. So, the boy and I went for a Brit-brunch at Rose Bakery. I couldn't help but marvel at the baked goods, savory tarts, yogurt parfaits, and mixed salads behind the take-away counter upon arrival. (Even if I'd read all about it.)
To begin, we ordered coffees and savored them alongside those fantastic scones with butter and jam. Then he opted for soft boiled eggs and toast, while I enjoyed a salmon-artichoke tart (with four crusty corners!) and the salade du jour. The crowd was international as expected.
We were both perfectly satisfied after our delicious, organic Sunday brunch meals. But, I decided to buy an individual carrot cake anyway. Walking home, I realized how much of "an expat" I'm becoming. I like it--even with the hard days--because like Anna said, it forces me to "make an effort to see, do, and connect as much as possible." Living life is fulfilling, huh? Mostly fun, too.


  1. Oh the food seems delicious! Brunch is a very nice way to start the day :)
    It was so nice meeting you last night! Hopefully we can get to meet again soon for coffee or something so we can chat a bit more?
    Enjoy your sunday!

    1. It is, and I completely agree. So nice to meet you, too, Ylenia! I'll email you soon to make plans. Hope you enjoyed your Sunday! xo

  2. Thanks for your comment!
    Fabulous post! :)

  3. :) Glad to brighten your day!

  4. I still have yet to try Rose bakery! Looks like the perfect Sunday spot :)

    1. It was one of many! Looking forward to enjoying more avec toi.


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