Monday, May 13, 2013

three minutes in switzerland

The academic schedule for this week is as follows: Tuesday, paper due; Thursday, two papers due; Friday, final exam. And yet at 8:30am this morning, I was already sitting in an AUP classroom. Why? To see the Food & Communications students present their final projects. Being in a T.A. is so gosh darn rewarding.
But really, it is. Although I hardly taught the class myself, I've watched their knowledge develop over the semester. And, of course, I joined them their trip to the Jura--for taste education, an understanding of how Comté is made, and a short but sweet hike across the French-Swiss border. Such an inspiring bunch.
{traditional Jura ash cider}

{Comté fondue}
{green salad & ham}
{a tartiflette topped with saucisse de Morteau}
{frommage blanc with chantilly & preserved cherries}
{absinthe-filled Swiss chocolate}
One day, I still want to road-trip across the gorgeous landscape of Switzerland and through its many language-regions (French, German, Italian, Romanian); especially after my palette's been whet by an aperitif of ash cider, brown bread dipped in Comté fondue, a potato tartiflette topped with saucisse de Morteau, sliced ham, green salad, fromage blanc with preserved cherries, and absinthe-filled chocolate. Even still, I'll remember these few hours fondly. I may feel unsure about where I eventually hope to be, but at least I know I'm in the right place now, where opportunities like the one above are possible.


  1. do I smell a road trip? :) Great photos!

  2. You had me at absinthe-filled chocolate! xx

    1. Oof. It was too much absinthe for me, but I liked the idea, ha!


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