Sunday, May 5, 2013

what's a bobo?

A bourgeois-bohemian, of course! I'll admit I only became familiar with the term since living in Paris. David Brooks, author of Bobos in Paradise, defined bobos as "highly educated folk who have one foot in the bohemian world of creativity and another foot in the bourgeois realm of ambition and worldly success." In reference to the French version, The New York Times explained: "Bobo takes over where the old Mitterrand-era label "gauche caviar," or caviar socialist, left off. Less political and more materialistic than that group, French Bobos design their lifestyles in a mix that includes the rarest luxuries, middle-class classics, senior citizen string-collecting strategies and student-style cheap 'n' chic." Quite the classification, huh?
Especially as I apparently live amongst them. While researching my post on Joséphine Caves Parisiennes, I found a negative review which read: "someone in the 17th has told their friends that there is a cool underground rock club on rue Moret and they are bringing their HSBC gold cards in droves." Ahem. Though I recognize the privilege I have to be pursuing a master's degree in Paris, please know that I am living completely on loans and only have flexible spending money because I reside in a true chambre de bonne. And, 9/10 times I brunch on the weekends, I do so at my neighborhood 3 Pièces Cuisine.
This casual, retro eatery is both cool and cheap in the 17ème. For only 11€, half the price (or more) of most Parisian brunches, I regularly enjoy noisettes, juice, a croissant or pain au chocolat, quiche/tarte/tartine with salad, fries, and/or a baked egg... plus a housemade dessert. It is fantastic (and filling) fuel for an afternoon of studying, even without "the best" coffee. Maybe one day I'll be confident enough in my French to check out their happy hour; according to one Parisian twenty-something I recently met, 3 Pièces Cuisine becomes a pretty fun bar, too, bobo or not. Cheers to the weekend and happy Cinco de Mayo to you!


  1. Oh my gosh, this looks so good! That last thing looks so good - is it Tirimisu?



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