Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the way life should be (maine, part 1)

After an evening of good food, wine, vegan ice cream and cocktails with Katie, Leslie, and special guest, Anna, I woke up at 5:30 on Saturday morning. Why? Because I'm a little bit crazy. And also because, as many of you so impressively guessed, I went to Maine for the weekend with a boy.
It was a pretty long drive for an overnight. We couldn't waste time sleeping.
We decided to stay in Portland, Maine, one major city I begrudgingly missed on my road trip, and stopped in the beautiful beach town of Ogunquit on the way.
The weather couldn't have been more perfect, the scenic views more picturesque, or the people more delightful. Seriously. Every person we came into contact with was so kind and in such a great mood. I just felt so happy to be there.
And then I had an iced tea, New England clam chowder, a lobster roll and cole slaw from The Lobster Shack. Oh my, my. I had no idea how amazingly delicious such a simple, less healthy lunch could be! Leslie had told me this was the place to get the best lobster rolls but I didn't realize she meant the absolute best.
Fueled properly, we went exploring around Perkins Cove. I really just don't understand why anyone would vacation here every summer ;).
Then we drove on over to the beach because whether or not you have a bathing suit in tow, such things are necessary when in a beach town.
And finally, we made our way to the secret ice cream place: Scoop Deck.
Leslie did it again! I had 2 generous scoops of Mississippi Mud (coffee ice cream with brownie bites and chocolate nibs, one of the many flavors) in a homemade waffle cone with mini marshmallows at it's base (a signature of theirs) and it was beyond heavenly. I also fell in love with this sign:
Stay tuned for a night in Portland, an afternoon on Peaks Island, and an early evening in Cape Elizabeth. I'm personally very excited to relive it :).


  1. HOW FUN!!!!!!!!! I love Maine and these pictures bring me so much joy and happiness!! what a FUN FUN POST!!! It's such an adorable state, right?!


  2. Wow. There must be like a million ice cream flavors at the Scoop Deck! Pretty amazing! I love New England so much. Your post has inspired me to make another trip there before the summer is over!

  3. FUN! beautiful pictures

    I have heard good things about Maine lobster, but I grew up with FL lobster, so not sure which one is better?? haha

  4. these pictures are DELIGHTFUL. truly. i've been swept away, and i haven't even left my computer desk ;) glad you had such a lovely weekend. can't wait to hear more about it!

  5. both of my parents moved to southern Maine right after they graduated from college, and it is so easy to see what drew them to the area (and ultimately, each other). I'm so glad you got your lobster fix and got to enjoy a little piece of New England!

  6. Oh, this trip looks so lovely! And that lobster roll! (I haven't had one all summer, this must be remedied asap.) And the secret ice cream place? I remember that marshmallow-in-the-cone trick to prevent drippage from the best ice cream shops. Yum.

    Makes me excited for my trip with Ari to Montreal in a couple weeks! It'll be a lot of time in the car, but like you said, but so worth it.

  7. Yay Maine! I'm from Portland, best place in the world in the summer time :)

  8. glidingcalm: Oh, it was and it is.

    Sam @ Mom at the Barre: You're telling me! You should've seen how long it took me to make my selection :) hope you make it up there.

    Pure2raw twins: Thank you! I'm probably biased now so don't ask me ;).

    Sofia: Yay! See you soon.

    lookthroughmyspecs: How wonderful. Thank you!

    Katie: You must get one right away, and I wouldn't mind joining you on this quest. And that makes so much sense! It didn't occur to me :). Have such a blast in Montreal! I love that city so much.

    Anonymous: It totally and completely is. Yay Maine, indeed.

  9. aaah! this looks so dreamy :) glad you and the boy had fun ;)

  10. Mackenzie: It was, it was. Thanks, dearest.


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