Tuesday, July 26, 2011

just keep swimming

I practiced yoga in Times Square nearly one month ago. By 8:30 a.m, in the midst of one of the most chaotic areas of Manhattan, I was lying in savasana with over one thousand other New Yorkers. The juxtaposition dazzled me. I strongly dislike Times Square, I do, and yet being there that morning with Leslie alongside me, and Sofia and Shayne close by, made my day. 'Twas quite the experience.
And it made me realize something: We're all going somewhere, not just to the gym or the office or back home, but in life. There's no such thing as "stuck." Even if we're physically standing (or lying) still, we're moving forward. It's happening to every one, all around us. The trouble and beauty is... we never quite know where we're going. No matter how much we think we do or wish we would have taken a map with us. I guess that's what they meant when they told us to enjoy the ride.

P.S. Life is good and I'm in a fine mood - just feeling extra thoughtful :).


  1. this is ominous enough to make me wonder if you're ok! sending positive thoughts your way. :)

    and yes, that experience in times square was a strange but special one. i'm glad we got to do it together!

  2. Leslie: I specifically added the P.S. to appease your concern. All is well! Promise :) I'm glad too!

  3. And sometimes everything moves so fast and it's difficult to keep up!

  4. sending you lots of love and light your way, my dear :) sometimes these moments are a blessing of "stuck"-ness, so we can learn to slow down. :)

  5. saltwatercoffee: True story.

    Mackenzie: Thank you, dear. You're so very right :)


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