Thursday, July 7, 2011

independence day

Following a busy weekend of friends and dancing, food and beaching, I wanted July 4th to be a relaxing one. It was. I got back to my apartment and took a rare but necessary nap. I woke up again, mid-afternoon, and left only to visit the specialty food store so that I could purchase a few ingredients for this incredible salad (pictures to come). Then I read for a bit before packing a picnic to watch the Hudson River fireworks at Riverside Park with my roommates.
It was a magical evening; he kind of evening where you feel like you're exactly where you're supposed to be, and still you're impressed with your surroundings. Sure, I have doubts. I hardly have anything figured out, and I'm struggling with the stresses of "adult" life, but I also have faith in the fact that I'm living the lifeI want to live. And that is something to be forever thankful for. Wine spritzers, cheese, fireworks, and all. God bless America, and the rest of the world too.


  1. I had that feeling all weekend.. I just relaxed and laid by the pool and didn't stress about anything. But I didn't get to see any fireworks so I'm enjoying that picture of the NYC fireworks! :)

  2. ahhh, that looks like heaven right now! i am currently sitting at my work desk, but that cheese plate and the sunset look far more appetizing :)

  3. oh i sooo relate to this! i had the same feeling on a rooftop overlooking the charles in boston. it snuck up on me, and it made me feel like i was in the right place. :) glad to know you had that feeling too!

  4. Rachel: Yay! You're very welcome ;)

    Megan (The Runner's Kitchen): It is, go back in time with me?

    Mackenzie: I'm so happy to hear that! Looking forward to meeting you, dear.

  5. i love that feeling. it's so elusive, so when it does come, you just gotta soak it all in. and that cheese plate?!? i want!!!

  6. holly: Exactly. The cheese plate is yours, all you have to do is... come visit.


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