Friday, July 1, 2011

summer refreshments

Oh, hello there. Remember me? There are so many gosh darn exciting things happening at The Well Daily right now that I did not even have a few moments to blog this week. Sad. Not to worry though. When I wasn't working, I was participating in events that make for prime blogging material. Case in point:
Soft Serve Fruit Co. Wednesday afternoon I received a rare but delightful email in my inbox - an invitation to an exclusive press preview that evening. It was the one night I did not have any sort of plans. Woot, woot. A few hours later, upon entering at their new flagship store in Union Square, I immediately received a sample cup of each of their seasonal flavors: banana, mango, blueberry and pear.
Soft Serve Fruit is an all-natural soft serve made from fresh fruit purée, filtered water and organic cane sugar. I'd never had it before (the brand was previously called Simply Peeled) so I especially enjoyed it. And although I will always love my ice cream, and frozen yogurt, and gelato, especially on humid days and nights, I wouldn't mind adding it to my rotation. 
It didn't take me long to finish my cup and decide that banana was by far my favorite. After sharing this fact with one of the PR ladies, she offered me another cup... this time with banana soft serve, fresh banana, pretzels, drizzled PB & Co peanut butter, and chocolate chips for a treat otherwise known as the Crunchy Salty Sundae. It was fantastic. Then the time came for cocktails.
Mixologist Rael Petit from Day & Night Brunch Parties served up summer cocktails made, in part, with soft serve fruit. I sadly cannot remember the names but one was with mango and a ginger liquor and the other with blueberry, lime, and vodka. Both were extremely flavorful, and just strong enough.
It was quite the Wednesday and I'm pleased to announce that the Soft Serve Fruit Co. store is officially open to the public as of this past Thursday. I'll definitely be stopping by once or twice over the summer to use my gift cards. Otherwise, I must warn you that it's rather overpriced, so replenish your sweet fruit craving with caution :). Hope your holiday weekend is off to a spectacular start!


  1. That sounds delicious- a bit like sorbet, yes? Ahh and I love cocktails with a hint of ginger!

  2. saltwatercoffee: Yes, very similar. It was more than a hint of ginger! Which was great, but I also couldn't finish it as a result :).


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