Thursday, July 14, 2011

101 cookbooks & 99 cheeses

Happy Bastille Day, friends. I'll have you know I've been celebrating France; all day: first with a café au lait, then with a salade niçoise, and tonight, my cousin and I are sharing a meal with fromage and French wine... among other things.
France will always have a place in my heart not only because ma souer is French, but because the culture itself greatly influenced my appreciation for food, most notably cheese. Before studying there, I liked cheese, but I could've done without. It wasn't until I got into the habit of having a cheese course every evening before dessert that I fell in love with brie, chévre, and more.
France also inspired my love of fresh, bitter greens. A few weekends ago, Katie brought a fennel salad to Leslie's fabulous bloggie brunch. I absolutely loved it and vowed to make a similar one as soon as I got a chance to run to farmer's market. The other day I had that chance. With Heidi Swanson's Shaved Fennel Salad to lead me, I created my new favorite summer salad.
It is too amazing not be shared, even if it is more Greek-like than French. Not to mention that I figured a post about salad would be a good follow-up to an ode to booze ;). Also, speaking of Greece, I received this Santorini Villa offer in my inbox today. Sounds like another country needs a visit soon! Perhaps I will take that vacation I've been musing about in October instead...


  1. I discovered cheese when I first went to France as well- I remember I used to despise cheese as a child but my host father insisted I try a sliver of camembert...that was the turning point in my palate preferences, now i need a bit of fromage every day

  2. Love that salad! So refreshing for summer.

    I discovered non-refrigerated cheese in France. They just leave it sitting out, not afraid of it going bad, and it actually tastes BETTER! I definitely wouldn't do that in my apartment here, but for some reason it's just different in a cottage in Provence.

    Um, please go to Santorini so I can live vicariously through your trip. I've always wanted to go there!

    See you tonight :-)

  3. saltwatercoffee: So, so good.

    Katie: Oh, I'm sure. Most things are better in France ;) see you tonight!

  4. I'm going to France in the fall and I am beyond excited for the cheese, baguettes, and wine. I've been collecting perfect stripes and flats so that I'll blend in and have the best experience possible.

  5. hey there danielle! i just found your blog and love that you have traveled so many places! i can relate because i've also traveled quite a bit (4 continents last year; and i also studied abroad in florence italy!) i love all the beautiful salads in this post and your love of cheeseeeee!! my favorite way to eat cheese these days is with a bit of honeycomb - perfect pre-dessert plate!

  6. me = absolutely OBSESSED with feta cheese lately, which makes me want this salad oh so much even though i am scared of fennel ;)

  7. holly: Take the plunge! It's my fave.


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