Friday, December 4, 2009

how to be a good liar

Tell your readers that you aren't going to be around the blogosphere because of school and networking work, convince yourself that you are going to be nearly over-productive in the next 48 hours, make yourself go to sleep early the following night so that you aren't tempted to blog... and then wake up mid-early-morning, already rested, and give in. Sorry for the dishonesty, guess I just miss you too much.
I'm currently chomping on one of the very last Empower Glo Bars that I ordered from Angela a few weeks ago. They're beyond amazing. I was considering going downstairs to make a real breakfast, like the bowl of oats and tea pictured above from yesterday, but decided otherwise. Even though I'm very much awake, I'm still drowsy and don't feel like fighting over the microwave with the drunkies coming home for the bars that are no doubt craving nachos :).
I'm sure they've had quite their intake of beer at this point. You know, I never really appreciated beer until I was legal and began drinking local and international brews that were actually quite tasty. When the time is right, I'm all about quality, no more Natty-light for this princess ;).
I wasn't too hungry yesterday for lunch because I was feeling rather anxious and stressed. Don't you hate when that happens? I went the light route and had the standard soup and salad lunch. As I was eating, progressively calming more and more down, it got me thinking about stress-eaters. In the past I may have been considered one, and then I realized how much better healthy food made my mind and body feel. Yet another plus to eating well.
Still that sometimes might mean a glass of wine (don't worry I wasn't drinking at 1 pm yesterday, before 2 more classes, this is just an example). Reports on the health benefits of red wine, in particular, are nearly two centuries in the making. The most recent finding? Reservatrol which may aid in the prevention of age-related disorders, inflammation, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.
Anyway, it was when it turned out that I really had nothing to worry about, that I reached for sweets. I recently gave Carol a recipe for "healthy brownies" and she integrated them into her current already low-fat method. They were yummy :) I deserved the few bites anyway, my proposals on nearly all my final projects were welcomed by each professor with excitement and encouragement. It is odd that I can't wait to get started, right? Yep, I thought so too.
What actually is unarguably exciting is my first giveaway. You've already taken your pick on the Rate that Beer/Wine pad and told me all about it, haven't you? You've got nothing to lose, and everything to gain ;) I knew I could count on you. Thanks for participating!

Last night's dinner was a rather large tuna steak with fresh broccoli and string beans. What a veggilicious day I had! Now, I will make a promise that I actually will be able to keep: absolutely, positively no blogging until Sunday. Why not? I've got to do some beer and/or wine drinking of my own. Kidding. Kind of. 
The plan: I'm taking the train home early this morning, arriving back there around noon, having lunch, going shopping afterwards, and then into the city; stopping by the boy's, quickly dining with Leslie before our karaoke party, hopefully meeting up with Kailey at some point; being productive on Saturday, going out with graduated friends later that night (a maybe), and finally, driving back up to school on Sunday. Bzzzzy, non-stop, have a great weekend!

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