Tuesday, September 1, 2009

walking on sunshine

What a beautiful September 1st it was. With the warm shining sun, autumn breeze, and full schedule, I felt like school really started today. My classes went extremely well: I've discovered that I'm one of the more advanced students in Latin American Literature (I was worried it might be too challenging), I became excited once again about my magazine major with my Editing class (totally new territory, unlike the countless writing classes I've taken), and am beyond intrigued to delve deeper into all that is Race, Gender and the Media (the syllabus begins with, "Diversity is much more than a buzzword or the basis for a Real World episode.:)
Today I also took special notice of the numerous underclassman around campus that are simply easy to spot because of the fact that they look so much younger, or perhaps more unsure, than I. Since I spent my junior year abroad this is a completely foreign concept for me. Ha, how ironic that sounds. Btw, I'm going to have to speak with our cook, Carol, about my vegetarian choices at meals. No complaints today, but I'm afraid she may be spending too much money on soy meat/chicken replacement foods that I try to avoid because of how processed they are. Hopefully there'll be more eggs, beans, and hummus in my future :) hope your month started brightly as well!

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