Tuesday, February 14, 2012

loving love

Happy Valentine's Day! What's that, sweetheart? You're not happy about it? I don't understand why not; handwritten cards are sweet, chocolate is delicious, flowers are beautiful, and love is just about the most wonderful thing there is.
In all honesty though, I get it. Some of us are hurt, lonely, bitter even, and today has that special something to emphasize the fact. But how about we change that? Why don't we choose to view today not as an over-commercialized, sappy, insincere exaggeration of romance, but as a lovely reminder of how loved we are? We are, you know. Whether it's by family, friends, a significant other, or all three. 
Need some convincing? Just call you dad, your grandma, your brother, or your best friend. Re-connect with your favorite college roommate by email or open up those signed high school yearbooks again. There's love in your life, kind of a whole lot, and today is the day to embrace it. 

Spread it, too. I just published an article on Pravassa with five ways to do so. Loving love, and sharing it with others, is a lot more healthy than you'd think.

Also, please celebrate. If you're in a relationship, engaged, or married, I take it your plans are covered :) but if you're not, make some. This special lady will be my lunchtime Valentine, and I'll be margarita-ing with three great friends tonight. Then again, you may not wish to dine out. So consider Glamour's advice: Invite a few people over for board games or have a spa night all to yourself. And no matter what you end up doing/not doing, read this poem I wrote on last year's Valentine's Day. Revel in each and every opportunity that only single life can bring.


  1. i adore this more than you know. i think being single allows for even MORE love to be sprinkled around like fairy dust, if i do say so myself :) hope you have a love-filled day, my dear. xo

  2. LOVE THIS! And I totally agree, let's celebrate the people that love us today! :)

  3. Fantastic post! I love love, in every form. Definitely giving the fam an extra special call today. :o) Enjoy that margarita!

  4. Mackenzie: Yes, indeed. I think you said it best! Hope you had the same.

    Shenee: Woohoo :).

    Jenn (eating bender): Thank you!


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