Monday, February 27, 2012

baked with love in the berkshires

Good morning, darlings. I hope you're feeling as well-rested and revitalized this Monday as I am. To kick off the sweet week ahead, I enjoyed this for breakfast:
It was perfectly light and delicious, served warm to enhance the blueberries.
There was also some plain yogurt with cinnamon and an obligatory mug of tea. 
I hardly ever have baked goods for breakfast (anymore), but this one was special; this scone had been baked fresh yesterday afternoon at A-Frame Bakery. We had passed it on our way to the inn and had it on our mind all weekend.
Yesterday afternoon, AnnaKatie, and I decided we needed fuel for the road (cookies, cinnamon rolls, etc) and edible souvenirs for the upcoming week.
So we stopped. A-Frame Bakery was even more adorable than I'd realized. The couple in front of us ordered cupcakes that had just been frosted. We admired the muffins, brioche, and cakes on display, and were told that chocolate-chip cookies were on their way out of the oven. In the end, though, I decided upon scones. They are a bakery favorite of my dad and I. A boy that couldn't have been older than 12 years old (the baker/owner's son, I assume) cheerly asked me if that would be all, carefully placed three scones in a plain white bag, and quickly rang up the order. He wished us a great day as we left; leaving the wilderness (and the sweet, buttery quintessential bakery scent) behind as we headed towards our not-so-quaint city.
What a weekend. As Anna highlighted: alcohol [beer and wine], bean boots, mountains, art x 2, chocolate chip cookies, scenic drives, sweet potato fries. I'll reflect on it more over the next few days (there was snow and salad, too), but now that breakfast has already been enjoyed, I really must get to work. 
With that said, I honestly have yet to come down from my Berkshire-high. Case in point: although scones are almost always this shape, I told myself this particular scone was inspired by the unique A-frame of my new favorite bakery...


  1. oooo i should have gotten the scone. that looks damn good.

  2. What fun! Seth's family lives in the Berkshires, so I will definitely have to remember that bakery for our next visit :)

  3. There are few things I love more than a good scone in the morning. I've got to come up with a good gluten-free recipe I can eat! Sounds like you ladies had a great trip - wish I was there!! Adventures in NY to look forward to?

  4. @Anna: Damn good just about covers it!

    @BroccoliHut: You do, you do! It's such a cute place and the scone, like I said, was great.

    @Gillian: Exactly. Gluten-free or not, you can always send a few of your scones my way ;) definitely one of many adventures to look forward to.

  5. AHAHAHA that photo is hilarious!

    Also, I miss our trip already :-(

  6. @Katie: Ha, the pose was all you! As do I, as do I.


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