Friday, February 24, 2012

the natural cure

I've been told I give good advice. I like that. When someone I care about is going through a particularly challenging time, I'm glad I'm able to offer comforting and encouraging words and help them make sense of their situation. I know I'm not nearly as good as talking myself through the same things though. Like, at all.
Sure, I understand life is anything but easy... yet I still find myself being so gosh darn impatient with my inability to know exactly what to do, and then anxious at the possibility of "failure." What's up with that? Seriously. Oprah Winfrey said, "Understand that the right to choose your own path is a sacred privilege. Use it. Dwell in possibility." I couldn't wholeheartedly believe in that statement more. Nonetheless, I am left discontent with the monotony that is and overwhelmed by the possibilities that lie ahead. My harsh logic just doesn't make any sense.

I wonder if, maybe, at some point in my life I won't feel this way. Maybe I'll be able to take a deep breath, a step back, and fully enjoy the journey I am creating, the story that is unfolding before me. It certainly is something to think about.

But whether that transformation happens sooner or later (or at all), I mustn't forget to be kinder to my worrisome self. It is very okay that I'm grateful and fearful simultaneously. After all, I know firsthand I'm not the only one. 

And, if I truly need a break, I should give myself just that.

Recently (within the pages of this month's Self magazine), I discovered that there is actually scientific evidence to prove we can change our disposition simply by changing our scenery.
  • Rivers, lakes, oceans: "Water's aesthetic qualities, such as its rhythmic movement, may induce a calming effect on our psyche."
  • Forests: "Woods spark contemplation and clarity. 'When we're isolated from the everyday hustle and bustle, we're forced to turn inward and connect to ourselves in a deeper and more focused way.'"
  • Parks: "'Designed to be gathering places, parks give us a sense of togetherness, with their inherent social aspect,' ...And spending time quality time with friends and family is proven mood magic."
This is especially good news considering the weekend ahead: two friends and I are retreating to the Berkshires. We're going to soak up all the natural and cultural beauty we're able to in this short time. Boy, do I need it.

P.S. Just the other day, I was also told I am the most introspective person someone has ever met. That I could have assumed with confidence :).


  1. ahh, scientific evidence support why i always feel my best at home, around trees and water! i can't wait to be around trees again this weekend.

  2. I feel the exact same way. I can help others sort our their feelings and maybe even help them feel better considering so many of us feel the same way. However, when it comes to myself, I often feel a mess when confronting my own life worries. So you aren't the only one! Enjoy the weekend lady!

  3. I truly believe that nature has a huge impact on how we feel and think. I know that when I retreat to the mountains I am able to think so much more clarity and relaxation. have a good weekend in the berkshires!

  4. sounds like you need a trip, most definitely! i get like that every month at least, which is why bolt bus and i are such good friends. have fun in the berkshires, love!

  5. I've never commented before, though I've read your blog for years, and your writing so often speaks to me. I felt that this entry in particular was pretty much a transcription of what's going on in my own mind/life, so thank's good to remember that we're not alone.

  6. Anna: Exactly!

    clairedille: Thank you for your support, always. I can't wait to tell you all about this weekend.

    Melissa @TryingtoHeal: You are so right :) thank you!

    Mackenzie: Ha, exactly. It's like a problem without actually being a problem at all. Thanks so much!

    Rachel: Gosh, thank you! I'm so glad to hear again that we are not alone, and also that I have been able to impact with this blog of mine. I appreciate your years of dedicated reading and this comment more than you know.


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