Wednesday, November 20, 2013

listing & la grande-place

Let's backtrack once more. At the chocolate tasting, I had the opportunity to ask a Bruxelles local what to do in his hometown. His advice: stand in the center of the Grand Place and turn in a complete circle. "Every building you see is from 15th century. They've somewhat miraculously endured the wars since. We think it's the most impressive square in all of Europe." I might have to agree...
But I won't. I don't pick favorites :) even for a square so stunning. In other news, it's been a busy week in Paris. To keep this short:

Eating as many vegetables as possible to balance out lunches with the guys.
Drinking bottomless cups of tea and the occasional hot chocolate.
Practicing gratitude. ‘Tis the season, n’est pas ?
Mastering: transition-induced anxiety.
Learning immigration policies and diversity issues in the UK (thesis prep).
Playing with the French concept of casual dating.
Finishing my internship at PageYourself… and really bummed about it.
Enjoying Paris with the best expat friends.
Walking through Montmartre on my way to PageYourself’s new office.
Needing quality time with my siblings.
Wearing cozy layers.
Cooking comfort food by craving. Most recently, this.
Wondering if I’ll experience reverse culture shock soon. (Hoping not).
Working on pre-research for my thesis.
Travelling back from Brussels (see above), and going home oh-so-soon.
Planning how to best spend two whole months in New York!

The list above was inspired by Tania, inspired by Sydney (and James), and inspired by Pip. Join the blogging community fun?


  1. Lovely list! glad you joined in :) x

  2. I hope I see you when you're back in NYC!!!

  3. I didn't know that about the place! Seems much more impressive now. Also cannot wait to see you this weekend!!

    1. Cannot, cannot, cannot wait to see you this weekend :)

  4. Love the list and the sound of all those cups of tea :)

    1. Thanks, dear! The tea is necessary as Paris embraces the heck out of winter weather.

  5. LOVE your list!!Two whole months in nyc! Jealous:)

    1. Thank you! I'm really looking forward to being home again :)

  6. Awesome pictures! I went to Brussels a few years ago but the square was under construction at the time so I missed the full effect, so it's nice to see what it looks like normally.

    And yay for bottomless cups of tea in the chilly weather!

    1. Thanks, Jess. Yay for bottomless cups of tea, indeed!


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